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In today’s world, everything is getting smarter. IoT market is expanding very rapidly in every industry, but with great powers comes great responsibility. Everything in this world has some positive and negative impacts on human life and so with the internet of things.
Today, we will discuss the positive and negative impacts of IoT on our lives.

Positive Impact:

  • These devices have embedded software and sensors which enables them to get connected to the internet. These connected devices can be operated from anywhere in the world.
  • These devices are easy to use and user don’t need any expertise in computer skills. The demand is increasing at a very high rate and soon we will see IoT in every single thing.
  • If we talk about healthcare, then we can see that now we have wearable gadgets available to track fitness, diet, medication management, etc. It is making the lives of specially able and senior citizens simpler and independent.
  • In monitoring the vibrations in the buildings, bridges, monuments, etc. during natural calamities such as tsunamis or earthquakes IoT can be used. This could be helpful in preparing for any natural calamity beforehand.
  • From IoT devices, we can control the lights of our house, open gates, slide the curtains and so on. The uses of these devices are endless. This makes up an upgrade in our living standards. It can also be used for protecting the houses and lockers from robbery.

Negative Impact:

  • By making things automated, we are losing the importance of human intelligence and labor. In the near future, there will be a massive loss of jobs because the things will be capable enough to perform various tasks that today needs human help.
  • In IoT, security is a major concern. The devices are connected to the internet and are highly vulnerable. These devices collect the huge amount of user data and the data needs to be protected from the hackers.
  • Currently, the manufacturing of the IoT device is quite expensive because the designing and manufacturing of production-grade hardware require experience and skills.
  • For prototyping purpose, we can use different prototyping kits available in the market like Arduino IoT kit but for real-world application, proper hardware is required to be designed and manufacture.
  • IoT is increasing the dependency of humans on technology. In today’s world, everything is easily attainable on the internet and for every decision, we trust technology more than our cognitive thinking and intelligence.


Today’s world is full of automated smart things which range from wearable fitness bands to self-driving cars, and the list is endless. Humans are developing the technology for making the work simple but, in another way, we are getting overly dependent on them. It has some advantages but the drawbacks are also there. Everything is not harmful but, overuse of anything is.

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